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Capture Planning

Sales and marketing are part of every business development professional’s job description with proposal management being one aspect of that sales continuum. The whole process begins with the Capture Manager. The capture management process encompasses everything a company should do to improve its exposure with key customers, increasing the probability of winning work, and ensuring the whole process is documented and used to help increase future sales. The capture manager’s role occurs at the critical time when a customer is considering beginning a project or purchasing equipment and materials and then issuing a Request for Proposal/Quote (RFP/RFQ).

Peak Client Group provides services to help your company develop a capture plan and then manage your team in executing these capture strategies. Our goal in working with your company on this process is to raise your competitiveness and likelihood of winning competitive bids and proposals through a regimented capture process.

Typically, Peak’s Capture Management consultants become engaged with our clients once your company decides to go after a specific business opportunity. Our consultants assist your management and business development teams in developing and executing capture plans that focus on the following goals.

  • Analyze your customer’s mission statement, business requirements, and program objectives prior to RFP release
  • Develop opportunity profile and draft and finalize capture plan
  • Gain stakeholder buy-in
  • Identify any subcontracting and teaming opportunities
  • Form a winning team with a mix of management and subject matter experts
  • Develop your winning solution and positioning it with the customer
  • Conduct independent competitive assessments
  • Assess SOW and contractual risks and develop risk mitigation strategies
  • Develop customer-focused win strategies
  • Establish price-to-win strategies
  • Participate in bid phase
  • Participate in contract negotiations and contracting phase

If you are looking for help developing a detailed capture management plan for a particular customer or project, or if you are looking for help to develop a capture planning process for your company, contact Peak Client Group and ask for information about our services. We believe in the philosophy of providing the right resource at the right time and we are confident one of our Capture Managers can help your business today.

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