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Graphics Direct

Readers appreciate graphics in proposals and marketing documents. Images help readers visualize complex concepts; they help readers conceptualize how the product/service fits within their business model to better accomplish their mission; and they give readers a break from reading pages of text. In fact, many proposal industry experts believe proposals should include at least one graphic per page of text. However, graphics prepared by someone with the skill and tools to turn them into a professional looking images take time and add expenses to the response effort.


While Peak Client Group offers full graphic design services that we believe will help your proposal stand out from your competitors, we also realize that you may simply need a graphic that you can edit quickly and that looks professional. To that end, we are in the process of developing a robust collection of graphics to help you quickly improve your proposals.


Pre-designed graphics that you can quickly add text to and insert into your proposal or presentation; gives your proposal a custom, professional appearance; significantly improves readability of your proposal; streamlines text into a picture to reduce page count; pay once and reuse as often as you wish; saves up to 75% of preparation time and cost.


Graphics address multiple business processes and functions for every industry; high-resolution, full color graphics for optimal printing or presentation; download for use in Adobe or Microsoft software suites.

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