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Proposal Management

A good proposal manager is someone who balances process-driven tactics with imagination and creativity. At Peak Client Group, we provide proposal management specialists who have years of experience adhering to tried-and-true standardized business development methods combined with real world business ingenuity.

We believe the most important role of a proposal manager is to make sure they deliver the proposal on time with 100% compliancy. A business proposal response that misses its deadline is a misuse of time and effort, and one that is not compliant – does not follow the instructions exactly as written – is also a misuse of company resources. At Peak, our mission is to help you deliver wholly compliant bids and proposals to your customers on time and within budget.

Additionally, we believe what sets our proposal managers apart is their diverse backgrounds, originality, and drive to succeed. Using creative approaches to present basic solution concepts in a customer-driven language is a hallmark of our proposal team. In fact, many of our consultants helped establish and build AT&T’s “Best in Class” Proposal Centers, experience we consider irreplaceable.

Our consulting team has more than 100 combined years of experience in the proposal and response development business, as well as in training teams in basic proposal response and marketing techniques. Their experience and skill, coupled with the latest production techniques, help set Peak Client Group apart from our competitors and allow us to help you deliver the best business proposals, and improve your proposal development process, at a reasonable cost.

So whether your opportunity is proactive or reactive, we are here to give you the level of business proposal support you need to put your company’s solution over the top. Contact us today to find out how we can strengthen your team.

The Peak Way

It is usually a given that your customers understand the value of your products and services. That doesn't necessarily set you apart, however. What we do is build personalized and persuasive business proposals that speak for themselves and effectively deliver your sales message for all levels and types of decision makers.

The Peak Way is our approach and methodology to developing winning proposals. It is never enough to describe “What it is”. Unless there is a “Why do you want it?” component, you become just one of many qualified vendors. It isn't enough to have the best products and services in a crowded marketplace; winning business proposals have the right products and services, the right pricing and the right bundling of benefits to the customer.

Our proposal management team will work with you, using the modes of communication and coordination that work best for a given project. The process of creating excellent proposals requires strong teaming. What your sales group brings to the table is absolutely essential to making the package work. Let Peak Client Group help you plan for and write your next business proposal. You will soon see how the Peak Way will improve your bottom line and win you more work.

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