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Technical Writing / Editing

Along with our core proposal management and capture planning service offerings, Peak Client Group offers professional writing and editing services for an assortment of sales and marketing documents. Our team of experienced writers and editors specialize in the following areas:

  • Technical and Expository Writing
  • Creative and Persuasive Writing
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Articles and Newsletters
  • Copy Writing/Editing
  • Proofreaders

Each of these offerings requires a professional who possesses specific technique and skills. Technical writing, for instance, involves learning about complex and specialized processes like telecommunications hardware and then developing informative literature about it. Technical writers must present information in such a way that it will be easily understood by the intended, often times uniformed audience. Creative writers, on the other hand, can develop a topic fully and create a personal connection for the reader.

On the other hand, editors and proofreaders specialize in reviewing, rewriting, and editing an author’s work. These consultants are strong reviewers who focus on writing style and consistency, grammatical structure, and document organization. Aside from routinely working as members of a proposal team, editors can help update your business resumes, project descriptions, and reusable proposal documentation like the project management plan.

If your team needs a document writer or reviewer, Peak has the right resource for you. Contact us today to see how our professional writers and editors can help you prepare clearer documents.

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